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Città di Castello

What to do and see in Città di Castello, discover a gem on the border between Umbria, Tuscany and the Marche

Città di Castello is a charming crossroads between the Umbria, Tuscany and Marche regions. Here your stay will be enriched by significant cultural, artistic and panoramic attractions, not to mention the local food and wine.

Monuments and Palaces

The renaissance character of Città di Castello can be clearly seen in the layout of the city. There are several artistic treasures in the monuments and palaces from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, such as the Palazzo dei Priori, also known as Palazzo del Comune - the Town Hall -; Torre Civica (Civic Tower); Palazzo Vitelli a Sant’Egidio and Palazzo Vitelli alla Cannoniera (due to its position close to a canon foundry); Palazzo Albizzini; the Cathedral and our Round Bell Tower.

Art and Museums

Of one thing you can be sure, art lovers won’t be bored in Città di Castello, given that it is full of historical heritage and museums of every kind. One of the most traditional museums is the Pinacoteca Comunale, an art museum that even holds paintings by Raphael. The Cathedral Museum houses several sacred objects. The Arboreal Archaeological Museum; The Printing Museum, the Folk Traditions Centre and the Tela Umbra Workshop.
However it is worth mentioning two important contemporary art collections in particular, collections in which the works of the expert artist Alberto Burri are on display: the Palazzo Albizzini collection and the collection hosted in the Ex Seccatoi del Tabacco (the Former Tabacco Drying Rooms).

The surrounding areas

The areas around Città di Castello hold a wealth of towns just waiting to be discovered, little-known gems –which are no less charming for it - such as Montone, Umbertide, San Giustino, San Sepolcro, Anghiari, Citerna, Monte S. Maria Tiberina, Spello and Deruta.
There are also many other things to do and see in Città di Castello, such as the Traditional Craft Days, the San Bartolomeo and Livestock Fairs, the Threshing Festival and much more. It would take many pages to describe them all!

Events and traditions

The Città di Castello and Alta Valtiberina areas are extremely lively and every year there is no shortage of international events, shows and exhibitions.
From the most popular events we would like to mention:
In Piazza Matteotti and the Loggiato Gildoni, on the third Sunday of every month, the used items and antiques market is an occasion even just due to indulge in simply curiosity, attracted by the search for something unusual, strange or bizarre, which strikes a note with your imagination.
Between the last week in August and the first of September the city goes back in time to the renaissance. Ancient crafts are displayed in the artisan workshops and you can try dishes full of the flavour of ancient times in the taverns.
Between the last week in August and the first in September, Città di Castello, Citerna, San Giustino and San Sepolcro host one of the most important musical festivals in Europe. Every year the Festival welcomes a different country, which presents the best of their musical production with their most famous artists. The Festival is part of a policy that aims to enhance cultural, historical and artistic heritage as almost all of the concerts are held in the most beautiful churches and the most stunning palaces that the city has to offer.
During the first weekend in September, at Palazzo Bufalini, the National Antique Book Market commemorates the great printing prestige of Città di Castello, a city where the first travelling printers arrived in 1538.
One of the most important equestrian events in Italy is held during the third weekend in September. The comprehensive program includes an exhibition of select breeds, an international championship for thoroughbred Arab horses and an obstacle course competition, a free jumping competition, a western riding race and much more.
Tiferno Comics
From the fourth weekend in September to the third Sunday in October, Piazza Matteotti and the Loggiato di Palazzo Bufalini get invaded by numerous comic stands. Ample space is given to manga, with a comic school and a “dress-up” Cosplay Contest competition.
One of our most famous local products is celebrated during the first weekend in November: the white truffle! This is the perfect chance to try many authentic, traditional products, such as oil, young wine, mushrooms, chestnuts, honey, cheese, traditional cold cuts, etcetera.