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Pilgrimage through St. Francis sites

Stop here during your pilgrimage on the St. Francis Way

While the Camino de Santiago di Compostela has been famous for centuries, St. Francis Way is much newer but promises to bring together just as many worshipers under the umbrella of love for their faith and in pursuit of that which they are searching.
St. Francis way and pilgrimage
St. Francis Way is a pilgrimage that spans around 350 km, covering the most important sites of St. Francis’ life and passing through many of the valleys and mountains that the beautiful Umbria has to offer, leading to La Verna and ending in Poggiobustone in the province of Rieti and of course it passes through Assisi and Città di Castello too.
The path is easy to see by following the numbered tau symbols. More information can be found on the reference site
The Franciscan Credential
If once upon a time pilgrims could undertake the walk with just a letter from their parish priest or bishop that outlined the reason, today this has been replaced by a special Credential, in the case of the famous Camino de Santiago and other more famous pilgrimages. It is not an identifying document such as, for example, an ID card, but it is however still a distinctive hallmark, a remaining trace of the walk taken and, above all, a lovely memory to keep about the places visited and people met.
The Franciscan Credential is issued by the “amici del cammino di qui passò Francesco” Association, which you can contact directly via phone o e-mail.
For the St. Francis pilgrimage you need the right refreshment
Residenza Antica Canonica offers accommodation to pilgrims with a special price of €20 per person per night. To get the special offer all you need to do is present your Franciscan Credential, the fatigue from your journey and that smile that sets those who undertake this fantastic journey on foot apart.
Enjoy your walk! We’re waiting for you, Elisa.